frontiers to ideas

to improve the quality of life of patients, we believe in compassionate medicine and scientific progress through clinical research.

current frontiers in healthcare are pushed back by avantgarde digital technology. we help clients from healthcare and other industries to think in new ways and focus on novel ideas that are not yet considered by the mainstream.


testbed to bedside

we follow a unique framework to the software development cycle, inspired by the “bench to bedside” translational approach.

we source problems and motivations from the medical domain; we include healthcare practicioneers as “clinician engineers” from day one; we empower patients, students, researchers, doctors and nursing staff alike; we deliver to clinical needs.


scale to everyone

we do not aim to produce full-stack yet niche applications for the medical domain alone.

rather, we package the core functionality as middleware, key tech libraries or scalable cloud microservices, so that other developers may take it to global scale in their respective domain for their industry and clients.